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Hello world, I am Luna Beelzebub. I'm a 4 year old demon of the feline variety, entirely indifferent to humans unless either I'm hunting them for sport or they are dispensing food.

My favorite hobby is hiding in dark rooms and scaring the shit out of people. I only bite if I like you.

*“Bohemian Raspody” starts playing*


Hello!!!!!! It's Friday!!!!! Nap all day, party all night, stalk the human and bite their feet!! 💖💖

I speak on behalf of all cats everywhere to LET US SLEEP IN THE UNDERWEAR DRAWER‼️

Gravest apologies to all who eagerly awaited more of my posts. The sheer depth of my human butlers' incompetence is immeasurable.

I will be back tomorrow.

Some days you just have to invert your perspective to better see the world. I think.

Okay here me out: why fold laundry at all when I exist? I'm right here, and I'm certainly not gonna pet myself now am I???

Luna Beelzebub is a very fluffy black cat with a highly independent nature. You can follow at:

➡️ @beelzebubluna

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